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Healing 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month 10.00am

Keelby every Sunday at 10.00am


Our Church Rotas

The Church Rotas are available, just click on a link below.  

PREACHERS – In the Rota below you will find the details of the service for each Sunday. Type of Service: “Sunday Club” means our young people will be in church for app the first 15 minutes only. Please note that if there is a Worship Leader in the rota for your Sunday, they are your point of contact.  If the Rota says NA in the Worship Leader column, then there is not a Worship Leader available and your contact is Carol Hoyes. Contact details are in the circuit directory, or elsewhere on this site. We use books 1-5 Songs of Fellowship.  Thank you so much.

Who is doing what this Sunday

PDF Version of the rota for next 3 months

Spreadsheet Version of the rota for next 3 months

Keelby PreacherE Ede
Steward ACarol
Steward BChris H
Worship LeaderNA
Coffee KKeith & Marjorie
Flowers KCarol
Healing PreacherNA
Flowers HNA
Pastoral Care at HKMC

There are times in life when the care offered by those around us is not quite enough to get us through and we find ourselves in need of more pastoral support; i.e. both caring and spiritual. In our Church, we all care for one another and aim to notice when things are not going well. When ‘bigger things’ come along, we ask those who know about it to get in touch with Theresa Gadd (Pastoral Care Co-ordinator). However, Elizabeth Ede has oversight for Healing.

Once the Pastoral Care Co-ordinator is aware, she will contact the person in need and establish the level of need. Upon prayerful consideration, she will ask one of the Pastoral Care Team, who are all trained, to offer the support needed. No need is too trivial! We are all different in how we handle things. It is better for ten people to make contact about the need of another, than to assume that the need is known already. We are in the business of loving and caring – it’s our primary command from Christ!

Our Minister will have an oversight through the Pastoral Care Team and only be called upon when the need is very great such as in times of initial bereavement and will eventually pass it on to the Team once it is appropriate to do so.

May your ministry to one another be blessed!

Theresa Gadd (01469 561343)Family


If you have a prayer request and want all of the church family to pray, please write a note and put it in the Prayer Box by the back door of chapel, or contact a Steward.